Monday, August 30, 2010

D.C. Rally Videos

By an overwhelming request from the students I am putting up links to some of the live video from the "Restoring Honor Rally" in D.C. that I attended this weekend.

DISCLAIMER: Patriotism, Respect for the men and women in the Military, Christianity, and Personal Responsiblity are mentioned in the following videos. If any of these offend you, I ask that you do not press play on the links.

Albert Pujol's speech for the Hope Award

Alveda King's (MLK jr's niece)speech

Live News Report

Last Minute Trip to D.C.

Me, Mr. K, and our friend Pooker decided to go to D.C. this weekend for the "Restoring Honor Rally." I have pics of the trip up on my facebook page >! .

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


We have spent alot of time in lecture during the first couple chapters.

Last week we covered the Native American civilizations.

African Civilizations and acomplishments.

And we discussed pre-1500's Europe, including: plagues, famine, 100 years war, the Renaissance, and the Protestant Reformation.