Sunday, February 27, 2011


1st Amendment Project due date has been moved to Tuesday.
Debates will be on Wednesday.
Enrichment or test corrections are Monday/Tuesday.
We'll start Unit 5 on Thursday.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear Parents,

The next few weeks your students will have over 200pts available to earn. This is very important considering the first few weeks they've only had around 60pts. Today we will be handing out a study guide for the Unit 4 test and tomorrow the students will play a Jeopardy review game (winners get bonus points). The study guide will be due Friday, the day of the test. On Monday the students will be expected to have their 1st Amendment Project completely finished. The 1st Amendment Project assigned last Monday (giving them 2 weeks to get it finished).

Also, I've just began working on my class website through the school. I will also begin updating my class blog at least weekly. I have downloadable handouts for the study guide and the project already up if your child forgets to bring them home. From the website just click on "class resources" then click on subpage "Unit 4."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My New Class Page!!!

Here is a link to my new school sponsored class page that I'll have and it'll use this blog.
The following are features of the new site above!
FORMS- ACTUAL DOWNLOADABLE worksheets, project instructions, powerpoint slides, study guides, ETC.
LINKS- to our text book page, class facebook page, twitter account, and other acceptable history related links
BLOG- This is an update of what we are doing and/or learning in the classroom

CLASS RESOURCES- Resources that includes any forms from the beginning of school, Unit Breakdowns for the parents, AND EXTRA CREDIT INFO for the History Book Club.
SLIDE SHOW- Pictures of History
QUIZZES- quizzes for home
MESSAGE BOARD- Question, answer, reply; have conversations over topics for alternative assignments and earn points
WHO IS MY TEACHER?- My bio and info about me